Museum of Alchemy

We would like to welcome you to the website of the Museum of Alchemy - Speculum Alchemiae.

Vchod do muzea

Reveal with us the time of late medieval and early modern times, when science and mysticism were closely linked, and researchers were looking for a “higher purpose” and “harmony of the spheres”, which could help them discover the secrets of nature. Taste with us the secret of the Eternal Youth Elixer and bring a small piece of its magical energy into your life.

The newly opened alchemical laboratories were discovered during the reconstruction of one of the oldest historical buildings in Prague on the street Haštalská number 1. This building is listed by UNESCO and by miracle this one has been preserved after the demolition of the Jewish quarter at the end of 19th century.

Visitors have the first opportunity to see places, where alchemists produced elixir of eternal youth, Philosopher's Stone and non-precious metals changed into gold.

Rudolf II.

Rudolf II’s alchemical laboratory from the 16th century, hidden from unwanted glances of passers-by, will fascinate you with magical atmosphere, introduce you the medieval activities of alchemists, connected to many modern scientific fields.

Did you know that….?

…the house was heavily damaged by so-called „big French fire“ in 17th century?

…a cryptic piece of Hermetica, called Emerald Tablet should contain the secret of making Gold and Philosopher´s stone?

…the reputed founder of Alchemy was mythical Hermes Trismegistus?

…Primarily Chinese and Indian alchemists were searching for the elixir of eternal youth and that Gold was mostly wanted in Europe?

...Homunculus was a small human being, made in laboratory with great physical power?