Recipes were found in the underground of the house on address Haštalská 1, Prague 1. An alchemistic laboratory of the Emperor Rudolf II. was build under this old house in 16th century. In the greatest era of fame of this house many famous alchemists worked in this laboratory, for example Rabbi Löw, Tades Hajek from Hájek or Tycho Brahe. All of these scholars were trying to make famous elixers, gold or a philosopher´s stone.

Mysterious history of this place isn´t proved only by historical facts and discoveries, but also by many legends and bizarre stories connected to this house.

Elixer of Eternal Youth

Elixer of Eternal YouthElixer of Eternal Youth is one of the most precious elixers. The recipe for this elixir was prepared for the Emperor Rudolf II. by his personal doctor Tadeas Hajek from Hajek in order to ensure eternal youth or life. It´s content purifies the body from harmful substances and negative thoughts. It is made of 77 herbs and alcohol (20%). Usage: 1 teaspoon every morning.

Elixer of love “Eros”

Elixer of loveElixer of love “Eros” is seasoned wine which contains extracts of a rare herb “kotvičník zemní”, also called natural viagra. This plant has stimulating effects on human body known since ancient times. Particularly elixer of love is a popular gift for lovers who want to more savour their moments together. This potion contents 14% of alcohol.

Elixer of memory “Memos”

Elixer of memoryElixer of memory “Memos” contains various herbs which support concentration and memory. The most important ingredient is ginkgo biloba. This elixer is seasoned wine with 14% of alcohol.

Elixer “2 in 1”

Elixir 2v1Elixer “2 in 1” in a fusion of two elixers in one bottle (Eros and Memos). The customer can choose from many interesting shapes of bottles.

“Aurum potabile”

Aurum potabile“Aurum potabile” is drinkable gold. For all alchemists it was a symbol of perfection and immortality. Alchemists believed that drinking this gold will bring them eternal youth or at least health. Aurum potabile is made of herbs that can gain gold from the land where they grow. This kind of gold is considered as a universal medicament. Drinkable gold needs to be conserved in 70% alcohol. Usage: 3 drops on cube of sugar.

The elixir is a purely natural product made according to a secret recipe from the 16th century. It is made of 77 herbs gathered in monastic gardens during moonlit nights. This potion is 100% natural and free of preservatives.