The Magical Triangle Tour

We are pleased to introduce our new tour called the Magical Triangle. It is a walking/bus tour which will enable you to see the most energetic and symbolic places in Prague; the House of Rabbi Loew, Vyšehrad, and Prague Castle. These tree cult places are linked to ancient Pagan rituals and are connected in the shape of a right-angled triangle. During the tour you will experience the city of Prague in a different light and learn not only about its history but also about old legends and stories which shaped the city into what it is today.


  • Start: 13:00 to circa 17:00
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Adult Ticket: 1200 CZK
  • Student/Senior Ticket: 1100 CZK
  • Starting Point: Speculum Alchemiae Prague, Haštalská 1, Prague 1 110 00, Czech Republic



12.1.2019 – reservation is possible until 10.1.2019, 12am
26.1.2019 – reservation is possible until 24.1.2019, 12am


9.2.2019 – reservation is possible until 7.2.2019, 12am
23.2.2019 – reservation is possible until 21.2.2019, 12am


9.3.2019 – reservation is possible until 7.3.2019, 12am
23.3.2019 – reservation is possible until 21.3.2019, 12am

To book the tour please contact us via or +420 773 645 234

Important notes

*In case of smaller group than 8, the tour excludes the bus and changes the itinenary (instead of Vyšehrad we include the Old Town and Jewish Quarter)